Reading Glasses: When You Can't See Clearly But You Don't Need Prescription Eyewear


Despite the many changes in vision as you age, you may never need prescription eyeglasses. Some people are just lucky like that. However, your optometrist may recommend reading glasses, and this may be confusing information to you. After all, what is the difference between reading glasses and prescription glasses? Actually, there is quite a bit of difference, and this is how it sums up.

Prescription Glasses

If your eye doctor insists you need eyeglasses, it is because you cannot see well enough to drive safely or do your job without potential physical harm of yourself and others. With glasses, you can see clearly, and everything is perfectly clear. Your prescribed lenses could be anywhere from a negative 3.0 to legal blindness, something reading glasses cannot help or correct. Prescription glasses fix vision problems that are more complex and will remain unresolved without the right lenses.

Reading Glasses

Unlike prescription glasses, you can buy reading glasses from any turnstile in any pharmacy or mass merchandiser. There are companies that specialize in reading glasses and reading sunglasses such that you do not have to switch pairs if you are outdoors in a sunny spot. The powers of reading glasses fix the slightest vision inaccuracies starting with a negative .25 up to negative 2.75. Most people who need reading glasses can see just fine the rest of the time, but need some extra help clarifying words on a page, menu, billboard, or other written and printed media.

Buying Reading Glasses

You might think you are stuck with really generic and hideous choices in reading glasses, but you would be mistaken. Your optometrist's or optician's office carries many different styles and colors of reading glasses, many of which have become quite fashionable. The price of reading glasses is significantly less than prescription eyewear as well, a boon of having better eyesight than most middle-aged people. Even the reading glasses turnstile in the pharmacies feature multiple frames and colors, and if you do not like what you see, your optician, like at Eye Tech Optical, can show you eyeglass frames you can place the reading glass in.

Additional Benefits of Reading Glasses

In addition to not needing prescription lenses and paying a lot of money for glasses, you can purchase reading glasses without a doctor's order just about anywhere, including online. As long as you know what power you need to read, you can look for the style, brand, color, and shape of your reading glasses and never have to provide medical information to the e-tailer or retailer you buy them from. They do not need any more info or permission from your optometrist or optician for you to get exactly what you want and need.


6 November 2014

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