Your Large Pupils: Should You Be Concerned?


You may have never noticed you have large pupils before, but people may have commented to you about them. Most people have small pupils (the little black center in your eye) that enlarge in the dark and constrict in the light, but there are a few reasons why a person would appear to have very large black centers in their eye without doing anything knowingly to cause them to do so. The job of the pupil in the eye is to absorb light to make vision easier, which is why pupils are so small in harsh lighting: the more available light there is to see, the less the pupils have to dilate to take in the view around them. Here are reasons why your pupils may be large all the time.

Underlying medical issues

While rare, underlying medical issues can be the cause of your larger-than-normal pupils. Brain issues or tumors can cause your pupils to dilate constantly or randomly. If your eyes are dilated to different sizes or only one pupil appears large, there may be a medical issue to blame for your condition. This is especially true if your eyes do not constrict to a smaller size or change when exposed to different lighting.

Head injury

Did you bump your noggin recently or experience a nasty fall? If so, then you may be experiencing the classic signs of a concussion in the form of dilated pupils, especially if they remain unchanged when a light is shone on them. If you have had a recent injury and your pupils are large, seek medical care to make sure you are OK and healing properly.


Some people just naturally have larger pupils on a regular basis. If yours do constrict and go smaller in bright light but appear overly large in normal lighting, then you may simply have eyes that are low receptors to lighting and need the pupils to work harder to see. You may notice as well that you don't have good night vision. This isn't usually cause for alarm, but should be checked out by your eye doctor just in case.

Your optometrist can give you a full eye exam and help you determine just why your pupils appear so large all the time. In most cases there is nothing to worry about but you want to have your condition checked out just in case, even if you are not bothered by it. For more information, contact a practice such as Dixie Ophthalmic Specialists at Zion Eye Institute.


15 December 2016

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