Eyeglasses That Fit Your Round Face


Trying to find eyeglasses to fit your round face can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. If you choose frames that are too small, your cherubic features can appear much larger than they are, giving your cheeks a full appearance you may not like. You may end up accentuating the roundish features you are trying to hide. Before you give up on glasses entirely, use this guide to help you pick the perfect frames for your beautiful round and full face.

Be square

When you want to make your round face appear more sharp-edged along your cheeks and jawline, going with square frames can be an excellent option. Contrasting your cherubic lines with starkly square glasses can actually give your face the illusion of model-worthy cheekbones and a defined jaw. Choose dark brown, black, or navy eyeglasses for an even more daring look.

Choose patterns

Since you have a wider face you can wear amazing patterned glasses without overdoing it. You can complement your style and personality by donning zebra striped glasses. Pick patterns that match your eye color so your orbs can pop in demure ways, making your patterned specs even more amazing on your wonderfully round face. Metallic ear pieces in silver, bronze, and gold also dazzle and help tone down a very patterned look so your glasses go with every outfit easily.

Consider cat eye

Classic cat eye glasses are ideal for people with wider faces because the lenses themselves are wide. If you have very round cheeks or a large forehead, then this style of glasses is particularly attractive. Choose bold hues for your cat eye glasses, such as rich maroon, elegant eggplant, ocean blue, or even slate gray in transparent designs. Pair these charming spectacles with a new haircut with bangs for a dramatic appeal that makes you both classic and trendsetting at once.

There are many benefits to having a full face and wearing glasses at the same time. The key is to look for frames that are designed to make your face look amazing just the way it is, which you can easily accomplish when you know what styles to look for. Before you buy any new glasses try on several pairs in several different colors so you pick the right frames for both your face shape and your personal style. This way, you can look as well as you can see.


17 January 2017

Finding Great New Glasses

When I found out that I had a vision problem, one thing made me feel a little bit better: the concept that glasses or contacts could give me perfect vision again. I was nervous about wearing a new set of glasses, but I decided not to let a little worry sidetrack my progress. I met with my optometrist, talked with him about how to take care of my glasses, and then found a pair of frames that worked perfectly with my face. Check out this blog for more information about finding a great new pair of glasses and how to adjust to life with a new look.