Eyeglasses That Fit Your Round Face


Trying to find eyeglasses to fit your round face can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. If you choose frames that are too small, your cherubic features can appear much larger than they are, giving your cheeks a full appearance you may not like. You may end up accentuating the roundish features you are trying to hide. Before you give up on glasses entirely, use this guide to help you pick the perfect frames for your beautiful round and full face.

17 January 2017

Suggestions For Dealing With Presbyopia When You Already Wear Glasses


If you are nearsighted and wear glasses to improve your distance vision, and notice you're having a hard time seeing fine print, it could be due to presbyopia. Presbyopia is a vision problem that often occurs as people age. If you don't normally wear glasses and get presbyopia, that's when you start buying reading glasses. If you already wear glasses for nearsightedness, you'll need to have an eye exam and get a prescription for glasses that treat both conditions.

4 January 2017